Brands we work with
Know How Your Competitors are doing in Real-Time
Holiday Inn Express
  • OCC: 80
  • ADR: 110
  • REVPAR: 88
Hilton Garden Inn
  • OCC: 75
  • ADR: 120
  • REVPAR: 90
La Quinta Inn & Suites
  • OCC: 85
  • ADR: 95
  • REVPAR: 80
Cambria Suites
  • OCC: 75
  • ADR: 100
  • REVPAR: 75
The hospitality industry is moving ever faster. Is your revenue management keeping pace?

Instead of relying on STR data that’s weeks out of date, limited information from OTAs, and problematic guesswork, leverage the power of INNREV to access real-time data and make informed decisions that ensure success and growth.

Powered by a proprietary, AI-driven algorithm and backed by an experienced team of human revenue management experts with over 30 years of experience, INNREV gives you an hour-by-hour look at how you stack up against competitors’ ADR, RevPAR, and Occupancy.

INNREV factors in dozens of critical metrics to accurately forecast demand in real-time, ensuring you’re able to make informed decisions for your business. By leveraging world-class machine learning, our optimized algorithm integrates diverse pricing strategies and changes in market drivers over time to maximize your revenue, with no effort needed on your part.

Today’s hospitality industry demands agility and insight, and INNREV delivers.

Get the visibility you need into competing properties, industry shifts, and travel trends that affect your growth.

  • Access to the most advanced, AI-powered technology.
  • Beat competing hotels with real-time data and accurate forecasting.
Optimize Your Hotel’s Financial Performance with Real-Time Metrics

Stop guessing at what your competition is doing and start optimizing your hotel’s performance and revenue generation with our industry-leading tools and services.

Revenue Management

We deliver powerful revenue management services to help hotels maximize their revenue flow by up to 40%. Our advanced AI tools help our clients understand what competitors are doing and outcompete them.

Revenue Consulting

Revenue generation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Every action and decision affects profitability, bookings, and retention. We deliver customized revenue consulting to help you achieve meaningful, sustainable growth.

Revenue Training

Our team can make the difference between growth and stagnation, falling behind competitors or exceeding expectations. Our revenue training helps you build the in-house talent you need for success.

relevant insights per location
Critical Services and Growth-Oriented Solutions

INNREV combines cutting-edge technology, proprietary AI capabilities, and deep real-world experience to deliver the services and solutions our clients need.

INNREV Our Competitors

24/7 Monitoring

Real-time daily rates for every room type for each competing hotel

Proprietary AI-drive tool that provides predictive demand forecast in real-time

Seasoned revenue managers with 10+ years experience

Affordable Price

most powerful demand intelligence technology
INNREV delivers the clarity you need.

Stop being reactive. INNREV helps you shift into a proactive, forward-looking strategy.

Sick and tired of watching competing properties outperform your hotel? If you’re flying blind and making decisions based on a “gut” feeling instead of actionable, accurate data, you’ll continue falling farther behind. INNREV delivers the clarity you need to create a dynamic strategy that ensures that you can do more than compete in the hospitality industry – you can outpace competitors while creating satisfied guests who return to your hotel time after time. Our unique combination of services and solutions predicts any competitor’s Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR in real-time.

Real-Time Dynamic Pricing

Set room rates and amenity prices instantly to reflect demand based on real-time information from competitors

Real-Time Demand Forecasting

Inform your demand forecasting with real-time metrics based on current competitor data

24-Hour Monitoring

INNREV is always on, delivering 24-hour monitoring and ensuring you can adjust room rates, availability, staffing, and more as necessary.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Monitor, track, and manage room inventory, supplies, amenity-related inventory, and more to inform accurate decisions and avoid outages.

See what our customers are saying.

At INNREV, we believe that the best gauge of our success is how well we serve our customers.

Real-Time Insights for Lasting Success
INNREV empowers hospitality businesses through real-time insights to accelerate growth.

Struggling with low occupancy rates? Unsure why you’re not bringing in more traffic through OTA partnerships? Unclear what your competitors are doing? INNREV delivers clarity through real-time information about your competitors’ Occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR to inform your decision-making and strategy development. Hospitality management has never been simpler or more profitable. Request a demo today to learn how INNREV can help you transform your hotel’s performance.